Since opening The Farmer's Hand in 2016, co-owners Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes brought their vision of an all-local market to life, making it easier than ever to shop all Michigan products - in one single stop. Today, The Farmer's Hand works with over 100 small-to-mid-sized food businesses to bring together an array of fresh foods, handmade goods and speciality products 7 days a week and all year-round. 

Owner: Rohani Foulkes and Kiki Louya

Location: 1701 Trumbull 

Opened: 2016

What makes The Farmer's Hand special?

The Farmer's Hand is a minority owned market and cafe focusing on honest, sustainably grown and made food and beverage using organic methods. We offer an array of goods to purchase and take home to prepare as well as an in-house cafe offering a selection of all day sandwiches, soups and salads. 

Why Corktown?

Corktown not only has a strong and diverse fabric of residents but couple that with an equally invested small business community, along with finding a historic commercial building space tucked into the walkable part of the neighborhood made it a no brainer for us.

How has the CBA impacted your business?

The small business community in Corktown is strong supportive and motivated to impact one another and our neighbors in the most positive ways. From needing an extra hand to move a flower box to staging large scale events the CBA has been a vital support network for us as a small business. 

What are some goals or upcoming announcements for The Farmer's Hand?

TFH is always on the look out for new and emerging Detroit/Michigan based food and beverage products, we continually come across market opportunities and get really excited when potential new partners walk through our doors. Expanding our offerings is always a North Star for TFH!