The Corktown Business Association is exploring the possibility of creating a Business Improvement Zone (BIZ). We would like to invite you whether you're a property owner, business owner, or community stakeholder to attend one of two informational sessions to learn what a BIZ is, how it works, how it would impact Corktown, and what the process is. You will be able to share your feedback and ideas through a survey at the sessions or on our website below. Please email with any questions or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was compiled by BIZ consultant and Corktown property owner/resident Jon Barth. To download the PDF version, click here.

What is a BIZ?

BIZ stands for Business Improvement Zone (also sometimes known as a Business Improvement District or BID). All commercial property owners in the zone are required to pay a special assessment along with their property taxes. The assessed money goes into a special fund that can be used for a wide array of improvement projects and programs in the zone area.

Are there limits on how a BIZ can spend its money?
Michigan State law is very open-ended, allowing for BIZs to “Engage in activities with the purpose to enhance the economic prosperity enjoyment, appearance, image, and safety of the zone area.” Many BIZs spend their money on things like beautification, security, and marketing, but the possibilities are vast.

Why establish a BIZ?

  • Stable and sustainable: A BIZ provides consistent funding for ten years, and is easily renewable in additional ten-year increments.

  • Everyone contributes and everyone benefits: In most business districts, some owners invest heavily in improving and maintaining the overall district while others contribute nothing while benefiting from the investment of others. A BIZ helps ensure that all property owners pay their fair share.

Is this a new concept?

No, in fact BIZs have been around since the 1970s and exist in most major cities in North America. New York City alone has 68, with at least one in each of its five boroughs.

There are currently two BIZs operating in Detroit:
1. W. Vernor & Springwells established a BIZ in 2007, and generates around $200k
per year.
2. Downtown Detroit established a BIZ in 2014, and generates around $4 million
per year.

What would a Corktown/Western Market BIZ Look Like?

A map of the proposed area can be found by clicking the button below.

What is the proposed yearly assessment?

We’re still getting input from commercial property owners, but are exploring a formula of 1% of State Equalized Value (SEV), with a maximum of $2000 per parcel and a minimum of $100 per parcel. With this formula, the average (median) assessment would be around $500 per year.

What is the current timeline?

 Fall 2019

  • Between now and November we will be reaching out to commercial property and business owners in the proposed BIZ area to get feedback from as many stakeholders as possible.

  • In November we will release a feasibility study with recommendations based on our outreach and public input. If feedback is positive, we will continue the process of creating a BIZ.

Winter 2020

  • Create a zone plan, the governing document of the BIZ. It establishes the geography, assessment formula, the initial board, and a few other items. 

  • Create a petition which needs to be signed by at least 30% of property owners.*

Spring 2020

  • Hold an election by mail. Need 60%+ yes vote.*

  • City council final approval

*The petition and election percentages are proportionally based on each owner’s assessment (ie. If the total yearly BIZ assessment is $100,000 and one owner pays $1,000 per year, that owner accounts for 1% of the vote). 


Please attend one of our two informational meetings this fall.

Info Meeting 1:

Thursday, September 19th
6:00 - 8:00 PM
IBEW Local 58 (1358 Abbott St)

Info Meeting 2:

Thursday, October 17th
6:00 - 8:00 PM
IBEW Local 58 (1358 Abbott St)

Are you a property owner? Look for this postcard invitation in the mail coming to you soon!

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