At Plum Health, we deliver affordable and accessible healthcare services in Detroit and beyond.  

Plum Health provides excellent health care services. We focus on prevention and wellness. We want to partner with you to create better health outcomes by providing compassionate service in a timely manner.

Owner:  Paul Thomas, MD

Location: 1759 21st St, Detroit, MI 48216

Opened: 2016


What makes the Plum Health DPC of Detroit special?

Plum Health DPC is the only Direct Primary Care practice in Detroit and Southeast Michigan that is open to the public. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable, accessible health care in Detroit and beyond. Plum Health is a membership model for health care that does not use or bill insurance. Rather we offer a truly free-market approach to meeting people's health care needs.

Why Corktown?

Technically, we're in Southwest Detroit (just on the other side of the tracks), but we were invited to join the Corktown Business Association and we've been welcomed with open arms. Corktown has a great deal of vibrancy, a strong sense of community, and a regional draw. We're happy to be a part of the fabric of Corktown by serving both residents and small businesses. 

How has the CBA impacted your business?

The Corktown Business Association has allowed us to make genuine relationships with community members in Corktown and business owners in Corktown, often one and the same. Through these relationships, we've been able to figure out what needs exist in Corktown and how best to serve those needs. Through these relationships, we've been able to grow our business and the services that we offer through our business. 

What are some goals or upcoming announcements for Plum Health DPC?

As we've grown Plum Health DPC from 10 members in November 2016 to 275 members and 5 small businesses served in April 2018, we are now looking to expand into a larger space and hire more doctors into our practice.