In an effort to have a stronger voice at the table, garner the support needed to achieve our goals, and solidify our sustainability for years to come, the Corktown Business Association has adopted the Michigan Main Street initiative. Learn more below about what Michigan Main Street means to Corktown and how YOU can directly support these goals.

What is Michigan Main Street?

Michigan Main Street is a grassroots, community - and volunteer - driven program encouraging economic development through historic preservation.

How does it work?

Main Street is a national program that the State of Michigan is participating in. Every year communities throughout the state compete to be selected as one of the three official Main Street Communities inducted into this prestigious program. Once Corktown is inducted into the next level of program (Select Level), our community will receive: support and services designed to stimulate our commercial corridor and more opportunities for grant funding that will improve our neighborhood’s infrastructure. Main Street also provides the framework and support to get our entire community involved in making Corktown a growing and vibrant community.

Is the Main Street Program different from the Corktown Business Association?

No. Our Main Street Program will be run by the Corktown Business Association as a strategy that we will use to further enhance our efforts.

Will only the businesses on Main Street benefit from the program?

No. While the businesses that are located in the Main Street Boundaries will be the focus of the program, all businesses, organizations, residents, and neighboring communities will benefit from having a more active, vibrant, and robust commercial district.

What are some of the services offered when we become a Select Level city?

Michigan Main Street offers the following services to their select communities:

-    Streetscape design    -   Fundraising training        -   Recruitment strategy           

-    Branding services      -   Base line assessments    -   Building facade design services

-    Market studies           -   Merchandise training     -    Business recruitment services  

-    Graphic design           -   Retail training


Learn more about Michigan Main Street here.

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How can I get involved?

SERVE ON A COMMITTEE: Do you have the expertise that would make you an asset? If so, you can become a formal member of one of the four strategic committees working hard hand in hand to grow Corktown.

VOLUNTEER: Don’t have time or the flexibility to be a committee member? That’s OK, you can partner with one of the many events or projects that we currently offer or will develop.

DONATE: Financial pledges will not only help us reach our goals for a vibrant commercial district and community faster, they will help us advance our community in the Michigan Main Street Program.

Download these forms to share your voice and get involved!

You can drop off these forms at the next CBA meeting or mail them to:
Corktown Business Association
PO Box 32310
1401 W. Fort St.
Detroit, MI 48232


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