Detroit’s Gaelic League/Irish-American Club is modeled after the Gaelic League formed in 1893 in Ireland.  From its beginning, the Gaelic League has been a “home away from home” for newcomers to Detroit.

By its constitution the Gaelic League of Detroit is neither sectarian nor partisan.  Our aim and objectives are to preserve and promote the Irish Culture. As Detroit’s oldest Irish social center, the Gaelic League/Irish-American Club provides a bit of Ireland to its members and guests through many on-going activities.

Owner: Gaelic League/Irish-American Club of Detroit is owned by its members

Location: 2068 Michigan Ave.

Opened: The Gaelic League, founded in 1920, was originally located at Grand River and Rosa Parks.  It’s been at its current location since the early 1950s.

What makes the Gaelic League of Detroit special?

We are Detroit’s oldest Irish Social Center.  We welcome all (Irish and Americans) who maintain our mission to preserve and promote the Irish culture.   As a Corktown establishment we are active in Corktown community affairs and have opened our doors to fundraising or meetings to benefit our Corktown neighbors.

Why Corktown?

Corktown is where the Irish immigrants first settled in Detroit.  It’s only natural for the Gaelic League to be established and remain in the area which means so much to the Irish and their descendants. This is where we belong.

How has the CBA impacted your business?

As a stabling force the past sixty eight years at our present location, the Gaelic League welcomes the new Corktown businesses.  We appreciate CBA’s energy, ideas, and ability to help revitalize Michigan Ave as a destination location.  We enjoy belonging to a group which supports one another.  With CBA leadership and support we are aware of each other’s businesses and what they offer the community.  With the Gaelic League’s long standing ties to the neighborhood, we look forward to working together for the good of this rich, diverse community named Corktown for many more decades. 

What are some goals or upcoming announcements for the Gaelic League?

We are celebrating our 100th Anniversary in 2020.  In preparation for this monumental event, we are planning some special activities and building renovations.  We invite all to become members of our organization.  You’ll enjoy learning about Ireland and perhaps discover you have ties to the Emerald Green Isle.  Even if you don’t, there are many activities to participate in from Irish language, to Irish dance lessons, and weekly entertainment.  Other special events to partake in include: Irish Genealogy Society of Michigan, the Corktown Tour, Open Streets, Lenten Fish Fries, pub quiz, and much more.  Visit our website, FB, and listen to Detroit Irish Radio for the most current news, information and activities.  All are welcome to join.