Edwards Marketing is a Creative Advertising Consulting group started in 2009.

It offers special personal attention to unique small businesses whether you need website designers, graphic designers, video production, digital media, photography, and more.

Owner: Tim Edwards

Location:  I moved my office from Corktown to my home in Jefferson-Chalmers

Opened: July of 2010 I left the corporate world to offer my growing client list more personal attention

Contact: tim@edwardsmkt.com

What makes Edwards Marketing special?

As a small Creative Advertising Consulting group, my teams and I offer special personal attention to unique small businesses. Working with Edwards Marketing is like having an agency team in your corner at a far lower cost than hiring a single dedicated marketing employee. We aim to attract new clients to your unique business and bring anybody who visits your business back in the door. We do this with the creative power of local Detroit artists, from website designers to graphic designers, video production teams, digital media experts, photographers and more...

Why Corktown?

I got my start in Corktown back around 2009. Our video production business that was producing tv commercials and web video content had a need for more space. Our buddy Shades informed us of a location in the 2000 Brooklyn building and we fell in love with the creative energy in the area. Through artistic connections that I made here in Corktown, I was able to expand Edwards Marketing to offer my clients similar creative elements that I had access to in the corporate world but at more scaleable prices and with the support of local artists!

Although I moved my office space I still do business here in Corktown. I absolutely love the area and it’s business owners.

How has the CBA impacted your business?

Well, not hugely, to be blunt, but it has not been for lack of opportunity. I could put more in. It is a fantastic membership that works hard as a team toward the common goal of a more bustling Corktown. The changes to the area that the people of this group have been instrumental in making are fantastic!

What are some goals or upcoming announcements for Edwards Marketing?

I have prepared my team and we are ready to bring on 2-3 new clients, ideally in the hospitality industry as we have so much to offer this sector. I would love to work with another Corktown business!