Since 1937, car guys and gals have bought from, trusted, and shouted from the rooftops all about EATON Detroit Spring.

Here’s just a couple reasons why: We have over 24,000 Original Manufacturer Spring Blueprints. So can we make springs for your vehicle? Probably. And if we can… Our springs will fit your vehicle perfectly. If you give us accurate information and install your springs correctly, you will never have a problem with our springs. Our experts are always willing to help. Have a question, don’t know what to get, or just want to order from somebody who knows what they’re talking about? That’s what we specialize in.

Owner: Mike Eaton, Grandson of the founders and Kim Mitchell, Mike’s Daughter and the Great-Granddaughter of the founders

Location: 1555 Michigan Ave.

Opened: EATON Detroit Spring was founded by Frank and Grace Eaton in 1937. We moved to the Michigan Ave location in 1939.

What makes EATON Detroit Spring special?

EATON Detroit Spring has been manufacturing leaf and coil springs since 1937. Back then our market area was the South East corner of Michigan. Slowly it grew a bit wider. Today we are now the largest manufacturer of springs for people who restore and build custom vehicles. Our Made in America products are now shipped around the world.

Why Corktown?

Heck, I don’t know. I would have to guess this building suited the needs of my Grandfather back in 1937. He leased the building and lot from Walter Briggs for 2 years. This is the same Briggs who owned the Detroit Tigers and whom the Stadium was named after. Although he wanted to buy the property Briggs was not willing to sell it.

One day in 1941 Mr. Briggs went to park inside the building so he could go to a ballgame and my Grandfather threw him out. He told Mr Briggs that he had a business to run and the business was not parking cars. Remember this was the same time his lease was coming up, so my Grandfather figured Briggs was going to do the same to him, throw him and his business out.

Much to my Grandparents surprise Mr Briggs thought so much of my Grandfather dedication to his business he sold the property to him. And the rest is history.

How has the CBA impacted your business?

Being a member of the CBA has kept us informed of the happenings in the neighborhood. It helps us to meet and get to know other business people. As we all know we get so wrapped up in running our day to day operations we lose sight of what is happening around us. The CBA provides some continuity.

What are some goals or upcoming announcements for EATON Detroit Spring?

EATON Detroit Spring is moving to the 4th generation, my Daughter Kim. With the products we manufacturer and our customer base we will be here for a long time to come.