Welcome to the Members Only webpage. Here you will find information and reminders specific to members including:

  • Upcoming events + special invites

  • Membership meeting reminders, agendas, and minutes

  • Committee meeting reminders, and reports

  • Communication policies

Upcoming Events + Special Invites

 Check Google Group emails for any recent events/invites.


Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are the last Tuesday of every month.

You can also see event details at our website calendar here.

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The best way to shape the impact of the CBA is to get involved in committees! Check out the list and contact the chair to get involved.

  • Government Affairs/Safety

  • Engagement/Events

  • Membership

  • Identity

  • Community

  • Funding

Communication Policy

We are focused on providing you important information in the most streamlined way possible. Check out what, when, and how we will communicate with you.


Google Group

Each member and attendee of the membership meetings gets added to our Google Group (click here to see if you a member). Any member can send information through the Google Group whether you want to share information about an upcoming event, ask a question, or share an urgent announcement.


Our inboxes can fill up fast so we send a once a month reminder the night before the meeting using EZTexting using the best contact number indicated on your membership form.

Google Calendar

We invite every member to our membership meeting using Google Calendar. The agenda and any other important documents will be updated before every meeting in the calendar.

Members Only Webpage

Agendas, minutes, important information -- all found here!